Turaaka: Empowering Women in Rural Uganda

Project TURAAKA: Serving Rural Uganda Through Kigezi Women & Children Health Initiative 

Kigezi Women and Children Health Initiative is an organization serving over a thousand people in three different villages in rural Uganda. 

"TURAAKA" is a word the women like to use to express gratitude for Kigezi Women, and translates to "we are shining." It represents empowerment & dedication. 

I've teamed up with Kigezi Women to help teach the women in these villages how to sew, weave, and make clothing to sell at their local markets, hopefully helping them establish steady sources of income. I designed a wrap skirt & put together an instruction booklet to send over so these (incredibly skilled) women can learn how to make it. By also providing funding for sewing machines, instructors & supplies, our goal is to help the women begin to make these skirts (and other goods) to sell at their local markets to start generating some additional income for their villages.

I'm also working with Western's Merchandising Opportunities and Design Association to collect additional funds to help the women. So far, they've also donated $500, which went towards the purchase of two sewing machines in the village of Kakore, Uganda. Huge thank you to the MODA team for supporting!

Additional funds raised will go towards purchasing sewing and weaving machines, materials, and education (teachers & instruction books). If you'd like to make a donation, head over here.


All Spring & Summer 2019 products have a TURAAKA label sewn in. This tag is sewn in to be a reminder of what your purchase helped support.